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Welcome to Birch Cliff Co-op

Birch Cliff Co-operative Homes Inc. is a federal Co-op that consists of one, two, three and four bedroom units and is located in south Scarborough Southwest in the heart of Birch Cliff Village.

The Co-op was incorporated under the Co-operative Corporations Act of Ontario in 1981 and has operated as a non-profit business since that time. CMHC provides the administrative structure the Co-op must operate under.

We are a small co-op with 24 Units. Including 4 one bedroom units, 14 two bedroom units, 4 three bedroom units and 2 four bedroom units. Housing charges include utilities and cable. Limited parking spaces are available.

Birch Cliff Co-operative Homes Inc. operates under the management of a Board of Directors who are elected by the membership.

The Board is comprised of 5 members and all Directors must reside in the building and be members in good standing. Directors serve for a 2 year term and do not receive any remuneration.

We are very close to TTC stops which can take you to 3 subway stations. Kennedy Station, Warden Station and Victoria Park Station.

To obtain information about the stations or bus routes, please call 416-393-4636 or check their website –  or download one of the many apps currently available.

What is a Co-op?

Mission Statement

Birch Cliff Co-op is a clean, safe, affordable community that has much to offer including a democratic environment where we make our own decisions

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Vision Statement

Birch Cliff Co-op is a self-governing and co-operative community. We are dedicated to providing safe, clean and affordable non-profit housing for current and future members.

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About Co-operatives

A co-op is a unique, member based, family oriented and diverse housing community.

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